IF IT'S NOT Imperial Gold Maca, IT'S JUST NOT MACA

"It amazes me how well it really works. But what is even more amazing to me is the fact that after practicing as an Obs/Gyn Health care clinician as a Nurse Practitioner and Midwife that I had never heard of such an incredible product. I really wish there was more medical literature on the product but regardless, I will whole-heartedly recommend this to all my midwifery, nurse practitioner and physician colleagues. Thanks and thanks again" - Susan G., Oceanside, N.Y.


Recently I purchased your Imperial Gold Maca and felt compelled to write to let you know the results of it's "field test". I live in the Rockies and each day hike 6 to 8 miles at 10,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level. Wind chill factors at these altitudes during the Winter months can be brutal and often range from 0 to -20 below Before trying Imperial Gold Maca I would feel exhausted both during and after the trek. Now, only after a week of use, your Maca has proven itself to be everything you said it would be! Both stamina and endurance have improved so dramatically that neither fatigue or exhaustion are of any significant consequence. Many, many thanks and after a brief trial run with your product, I immediately placed a substantial order for a bulk of your Imperial Gold Maca. It's a great product and am referring it to all my friends. Again, many thanks. J. B. Dulling , Colorado Springs, CO


"I got your shipment of Imperial Gold Maca™ and this is the third day I have been on it. Today I am already noticing a difference and am feeling better".  Ruth from Honolulu, Hawaii.


I workout three times a week, after my workout, I'm pooped. I take my protein drink and it helps somewhat, but since I have been taking your maca product, I am amazed at the huge difference in my overall performance. My trainer is also amazed at my progress. All gyms should know about this! Leonard J. Columbus, Ohio


I've taken Maca for about 2 years and love it. It helps a lot in the sexual area and also the following. I work in the engineering field, on computers most of the time, and tend to go "brain dead" late in the day. Maca stopped that instantly. My brain doesn't get tired anymore and that has several values to me. I am sharper at work, suffer less and can stay alert for the drive home after work. I'm Looking into your distributorship offer. Rich W. (age 61)


"Imperial Gold Maca™ started helping me, making me stronger within a day and continuing through the next week steadily. My energy levels are very high since I started using it 2 weeks ago. Also, hot flashes which were getting worse, no matter what I used-- Black Cohosh, soy, Phytoestrogens-- were more contained and less frequent once I started using Maca only. When I reintroduced using progesterone cream on my body at night before bed to my pattern of taking Maca 2x/day, that combination eliminated the hot flashes altogether. Thank you!!! I feel like myself again! "  Suzanne M. Soquel, CA


"Caring people have a wonderful way of making a difference in the lives they touch. Thank you so much for Imperial Gold Maca™"  Barbara F. West Point, New York.


"Thanks a million for such prompt service. Only 4 days and I already see a difference!". 
Jane A., North Carolina.


I am writing to tell you that since I have been taking the Maca, for about a week, I feel like I have my life back! I noticed the difference in only a couple of days. I have been telling everyone I know about it.... particularly, my women friends. I can't imagine life anymore without it! I'm 47, in fairly good physical shape and basically healthy. I'm happily married and we have 4 sons I have struggled with fatigue and the ups and downs of PMS for years. I only wish I had found IMPERIAL GOLD MACA™ a long time ago. Now I'm enjoying each day to the fullest. I'm happy, confident and can't wait to start riding my bicycle....something that I just have not been motivated enough to do. I may even put my roller blades on. Oh, and I also have struggled with IBS, suffering with terrible stomach pains with mostly everything I ate. I actually have an appetite now and enjoy eating the healthy foods that I know I should be eating. Well, as you can see, I am one happy and pleased customer! Thank you so much for corresponding with me. Cheers!  Jo-Ann H. Stratford, Connecticut


"I started taking Imperial Gold Maca™ as soon as I received it. My hot flashes were greatly reduced within a week and as of now they are few and far between!!!" Kathy K. Birmingham, Alabama.


"My husband was putting up with me, my mood swings, hot flashes and night sweating was driving me crazy. I knew he was as miserable as I was, and I really didn't know what to do. When I got my first order of Imperial Gold Maca™ I was very skeptical, but after a few days I started to see a big difference. I am really amazed and so grateful for your terrific product, thank you. Helen B.  Salinas, California.


I am a 42 year old women who was suffering with advanced peri-menopausal symptoms, I wanted to stay natural and your excellent quality product fit the bill. I have more energy then I have had in more than five years. Most of my symptoms are gone and I tell everyone about this ethical product. Jacelyn L. Auckland Australia.


"Since I've gone through menopause it's been difficult to have an orgasm, but I can now attain that since talking the MACA. I feel like being sexual again!" Ann B. Monett, Montana.


"I heard about MACA and can't believe the change's it's made in my life, more energy, stamina, & alertness. Thank you so much!" Sheldon B. Kew Gardens, New York.


"No more hot flashes, depression or pain! Thanks a lot. I am reordering " Bobbie M. Rockingham, North Carolina.


"Energy levels have increased immensely in a very short period of time. Thank you!" Judy M. Melbourne, Australia.


"I have noticed a significant level of more balanced energy, stamina & endurance markedly during cardio vascular workouts using MACA". Dr. Mark Smith , M.D. West Point, New York




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