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At  Healthy Alternative, LLC we are committed to helping people with the finest and best all natural herbal products. We feel that there are products that are unique and have very beneficial ingredients that can benefit our fellow human beings in a big way!

Currently our Imperial Gold Maca™ has become an in demand product all around the world, and we need new resellers and distributors to help us meet those demands! You buy wholesale and sell retail, it's that simple. And you get a chance to really help people with an incredible product!

In an effort to keep the opportunity simple to be a reseller, Healthy Alternative, LLC only requires the purchase of one case (24) bottles of product. There are also people who will want to sell to health food stores and  health practitioners and will need a much larger discount in order to sell wholesale. The minimum requirement is only twelve cases (144) bottles. And finally if you would like to be exclusive in your area the minimum is five hundred cases (6000) bottles. To be exclusive in a country you must consistently re-order five hundred cases a minimum of six times. You can order one case now to get started quickly! 

List price $598.80  24 Bottles
($24.95 each) Your wholesale cost is only $239.52 which is only $9.98 each bottle. Selling a high demand product with repeat sales is very profitable! If your interested in bulk Imperial Gold Maca™ powder we have 5kg bags available. Just send your inquiry in a email using this link or order directly by phone once we qualify you or fill out the questionnaire below.

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Healthy Alternative, LLC, also carries a full line of vitamins, minerals and herb products at discount that are reasonably priced. Discounts range 25% for small orders and up to 55% for larger orders.

You can request our standard catalog of GoodNNatural™ brand vitamins, herbs and minerals. No minimum purchase is required for these, discounts up to $100.00 purchased gets 25% discount, $500.00 - $1,000.00 and get 40% discount and $1,000.00 and up gets 50% discount plus additional bonuses and incentives that may become available from time to time. You can also have your own catalog with your name on it for only $1.65 each for our large catalog.

You can talk to our Reseller Supervisor  who will help you to decide which is best for you. They will contact you shortly. Please be sure to fill out all boxes below as best as possible.


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